We take pride in the quality of the pups that come from our kennels.  We know that the serious dog owner and hunter wants a dog that can perform well for years to come.  It is important to us that you have a dog that is not only versatile, but free from health problems.  We will guarantee the general health of your new pup, the hips and eyes, for two years.  We ask that you review these records prior to your commitment to a pup from a specific breeding.  We will provide the first series of shots as well as dew claw removal prior to their leaving of our care.

Our Services


Pricing of dogs is based on availability, gender, coat color and breeding background.  A price for each pup will be agreed on in writing between Tamarack Kennels and the perspective buyer in advance.  Upon written agreement of a purchase price, the buyer will secure a litter selection spot relative to others interested and deposited on the same litter.  Selection spots are assigned on a first-come-first-deposited basis.  Deposits are a non-refundable $100.00 applied to the final payment of the agreed price.  Should there be complications in the birth of the litter or a small number of pups born to a litter, the deposit will be applied to a future litter from our kennel.  Our pricing and deposit ensures you’re getting the best value and choice in a pup as you evaluate the litter and match your selection with characteristics you’re looking for in your pup.

Puppy Program

Our puppy program starts with meeting with our customers regarding the features and purposes they have in mind as they are looking for their puppy.  We suggest you take the time to get to know the parents of your potential pup. Doing your homework before, better insures you’re getting the pup you want.  Puppies born at Tamarack Kennels go through the following process:

​1. Puppies are born in a whelping pen.  This insures that mother and pups will be free from distractions, keeping the environment constant and calm.  Our pole shed is heated in winter.  

2. Day 4 dew claws are cut 

​3. At four weeks, pups weaned and started on food.  

4. At 5 weeks, all pups are wormed and given their
​first series of shots.   

5. At 7 weeks (49 days) your pup is ready to go home with you.