Photo Gallery

Abby female

Abby is a wonderful chocolate lab.  She has excellent hunting bloodlines and has produced some fine pups that match her versatile hunting skills.  She is  energetic in the field as she quarters.  She is also a strong swimmer in the water, capable of a lot of out and back work. 

Brandy Female

Brandy  is a beautiful Snow Lab.  Physically, she is athletic, strong and sturdy.  Her quality physical appearance is matched only by her intelligence and her demeanor.  She has solid and natural hunting skills, making her a true asset in the field and water. 


Parker Male

Parker is a great combination of handsome looks and strong hunting skills.  He has a wonderful demeanor and impressive physical characteristics.   He  has what many consider to be classic lab features and he carries himself well in the field and is a wonderful companion. 

Diesel male

Diesel is a product of Max and Abby.  Diesel is from the last litter sired by Max before he abruptly  left us in winter 2015.  Whelped in January 2015, he has impressed with his size strength and attitude.  This is a lab you have to see.  He is his father and then some.  Tamarack Kennels will have some special litters with him as the sire in 2017. 


Riley is a female with a sweetheart personality.  She is strong and agile.  She hunts hard on land and is all about getting in the water too.  We're looking forward to some beautiful, honey coated litters from her in the future.  Her bloodlines are full of proven quality.  


Leo is our newest addition to Tamarack Kennels.  He comes from the same breeding background as Max.  We lost Max, suddenly, as he passed away last winter 2015.  We are looking for Leo to provide many of the same characteristics we, and so many of you, are are looking for in a quality pointing lab.  Leo turned a year old on 1/9/17, and as you can see he grew into his big puppy paws quite nicely.  He is pushing 100 lbs. and has as playful a personality to match his size.  We'd be happy to have you come a take a look at him.  We think he's maturing well.

​Gypsy  ​FEMALE

Gypsy is our newest female.  She is the embodiment of all the characteristics of the labs we have.  She's smart, loving and physically strong.  She has a sweet temperament, and we're looking for her to provide some wonderful litters in the future.  For now, we enjoy working her in the fields, and having her with rest of the kennel out on the daily exercise and training runs.