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Member American Pointing Lab Association


For a link to Mercury Outboard Motors click on the picture below or go to http://www.mercurymarine.com/

Upcoming Litters

Visit the upcoming litters page for more information on litters.
Contact us to check on availability.

Nap time for Tanner & Duke Jr.

Here's a 5 month old pup from Griz & Daisy on full point

For a link to  Northland Fishing Tackle Click on the image below or go to http://www.northlandtackle.com/

Northland Fisherman

Did You Know?

Even though pointing labs are among the very best hunting dogs in the world, they are also a great dog for more than just hunting.  Labs are very friendly, great with children, and of course, the perfect companion.

For more information about pointing labs and links to other pointing lab site on the internet, visit our
PointingPals Resource Center.

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AKC Certified Breeder


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